Weight Loss Diets And Ufos

Every one of us at one point or another will look in the mirror and wonder how did we pick up the pounds. That dynamic athletic body we had which made us stand up tall with our heads held high was now being replaced with a protruding group of alien tissue. We didn't even notice the UFO (unidentified food object) when it landed in our hands and mouth repeatedly and allowed this new growing mechanism to take over. How we use to run without knowing and jump around for nothing because our body was a high energy machine ridding itself of excess energy. In those times before the UFO we could see our feet even if tilted back real far. Today a lot of us can't see our feet when we bend forward as far as we can without tilting over and falling. It was a slow sneaky process that living with ourselves day to day was hard to notice. We didn't really see the signs, but they were there. They were definitely there right before our eyes just like our stomachs and bigger thighs are now. We saw only the cake, ice-cream, the second helpings and the get more for your money supersize deals. We relished these times so much they became a daily habit. Most of us had friends who didn't hesitate to indulge in the daily festivals or invite us to some of theirs. The eat, drink, and be merry crowd was alive and kicking.

Now, looking back on it the only thing that we should be kicking is our own butts. We turned ourselves into human storage facilities not so much unlike those places we use when we are moving and need to put our big old furniture somewhere. The only difference is those places store a host of things and we only store one thing, namely fat.

Fats a good word and a good thing when you are stranded on the side of MT. Everest for a week after getting separated from the expedition party. Most of us are not really going to be involved in any thing of that nature so it would be safe to say we really don't need an abundance of fat. We need just enough to pad those internal vital organs and a few other essential needs that arrive.

I remember a few of my signals ,tell me if they are recognizable in your memories, for one I noticed my pants starting to fit just a little bit snug so what I started doing was unfastening the top button and letting my belt hold them up. This worked out good and gave my stomach some breathing room. Another thing was after the belt started becoming too small to do this I had to go up a size in them. This again worked for awhile ,then that size started getting to small and I had to repeat the belt move (with a larger belt I might add) and this worked great. All was good in the land until history repeated itself and I had to start a new process over again. This involved bigger belt and larger pants size.

I remember shopping in the store one day and saying to my self, these designers are ripping people off because I know for a fact they are not making these pants sizes what they should be. I know these size 40 pants are really 38. These shirts say xxl but I know for a fact these are xl. The thought that I had actually went from a size 34 to size 40 was too ridiculous for my mind to process

I kind of notice I might had put on a smidgen of weight but I knew it was maybe because the medicine I was taking was making me hold a little extra water and that was the culprit to my beginning-- to-- expand circumstance. I also told myself that the tiny bit of weight I was putting on would not be hard at all to burn off with a couple of jumping jacks here and there. It was getting a little too hard to be jumping around without any real purpose though so that idea went by the wayside.

One day I took that look in the mirror again-you know that Am I actually a fat boy now --look-and the mirror looked at me right in the eyes and said yes you are. You are actually a fat boy that wears xxl shirts and size 40 pants.

That's when something, lets call it shame for the heck of it, came into my mind and said I had better do something now to reverse this trend . weight loss I'm on my way.

I started researching mountains of information to learn how to get in shape. I started cross checking information and throwing out the diet myths that were destroyed and I listed anything that appeared the same in my entire research field. I had one concern that hovered over my spirit and that was I didn't want to embark on a plan that I couldn't do for life. I didn't want to deny myself my favorite love-to-eat foods and I didn't want to exercise until I got very dizzy and passed out. I needed something where I could still eat my favorite foods and still exercise without busting blood vessels. After trial and error and more research coupled with trial and error I finally had my plan.