Alien Life

Since there are over 90 trillion planets in this Universe, trillions of lives on Earth, and even more to be born, why would you think that you are the only intelligent being to have developed. Specie-ism in many cultures; and religious orders extends against other earthly life forms, and others beyond. The making of petty fears of one culture has infected many others.

(Excerpt from the book "The Global Situation")


* On February 28, 1904, there was a sighting by three crew members on the USS Supply 300 miles west of San Francisco, reported by Lt. Frank Schofield, later to become Commander-in-Chief of the Pacific Battle Fleet. Schofield wrote of three bright red egg-shaped and circular objects flying in echelon formation that approached beneath the cloud layer, then changed course and "soared" above the clouds, departing directly away from the earth after two to three minutes. The largest had an apparent size of about six suns.

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Request NAIC Case # I-NAIC-96-114

f. Congressional Inquiries. The Office of Legislation Liaison will:

(1) In coordination with the AFSC (FTD) /or the Office of Information, when necessary all congressional members regarding UFO's addressed to t.he Secretary of the Air Force and Headquarters USAF.

(2):Forward those inquiries which are scientific and technical to the FTD for information on which to reply. The FTD will return this information to the Office of Legislative Liaison for reply to the inquiry.

(3) Process request from congressional sources in accordance with AFR 11-7.

g. Cooperation: All Air Force activities will cooperate with Air Force UFO investigators to insure the economical and prompt success of investigations and analyses. When feasible, this cooperation will include furnishing air or ground transportation and other assistance.

4. Guidance. The thoroughness and quality of a report or investigation of UFO's are limited only by the skill and resourcefulness of the person who receives the initial information and/or prepares the report. The usefulness and value of any report or investigation depend on the accuracy and timeliness of its contents..Following are aids for screening, evaluating, and reporting sightings:

a. Careful study of.the logic, consistency,and coherence of the observer's report. An interview with the observer by personnel preparing the report is especially valuable in determining the source's reliability and the validity of the information given. Factors deserving particular attention are the observer's age, occupation, education, and whether his occupation involves observation reporting or technical knowledge. A report stating that a witness is completely familiar with certain aspects of a sighting should indicate his or her specific qualifications.

b. Theodolite measurements of changes or azimuth, and elevation and angular size.

c. Interception, identification, or air search, if appropriate and within the scope of air defense regulations.

d. When feasible, contact with local aircraft control and warning (ACW) units, and with pilots and aircraft aloft at the time and place of sighting. Also, contact with any other persons or organizations that may have factual data on the UFO or can offer corroborating evidence-visual, electronic, or other.

e. Consultation with military or civilian weather forecasters for data on tracks of weather balloons released in the area and any unusual meteorological activity which may have a bearing on the UFO.

f. Consultation with astronomers in the area to determine whether any astronomical body or phenomenon would account for the sighting.

g. Contact with military and civilian tower operators, air operations units, and airlines to determine whether the sighting could have been an aircraft. Local units of the Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) or often of assistance in this regard.