A Beginners Guide to Using Natural Healing Methods

The beginners guide to using natural healing methods...the easiest way to heal yourself. Don't think that natural healing is hard or confusing either. It might take a little education, but even after you get done reading this article you will be able to use some form of natural healing.

First of all what are Natural Healing Techniques exactly. They are any one of the following: Acupressure, Acupuncture, Aromatherapy, Essential Oils, Reflexology, Healing Crystals, Homeopathic medicine, Healing Herbs, Home Remedies, and Magnet Therapy and Iridology. There are some other less famous forms of natural healing, but those are the general ways to use alternative cures to heal yourself.

OK...so you might need a tiny description about what each of the above things mean. Here we go:

Acupressure and Reflexology: Both of these involve applying pressure to certain points on the body. Acupressure refers to points on the body and Reflexology refers to points on the hands and feet. Each of the points are related to other parts of the body. So for example if you a have stomachache you can rub the stomach point on your foot(which is located about 2" below the base of your big toe...bottom of your foot, not top). By just applying pressure, as much as you can take, for a couple minutes you will most of the time relieve the stomach pain.

Aromatherapy: Aromatherapy uses the power of scents. Even the best of the best doctors don't know the full power of smell and its effect on the brain, but what they do know is that there are great health benefits to aromatherapy. For example, Vicks vapor rub is something everyone has used once and awhile to relieve nasal congestion and it is a perfect example of how scents can change our bodies. Although Vicks vapor rub is safe to use, using Eucalyptus to unblock stuffy nasal pathways is a great natural alternative. Crush up some dried Eucalyptus leaves and pour some boiling water over them in a bowl and then inhale the steam. Keep a towel around your head and bowl so that you don't lose any of the healing steam. After 10 minutes you will feel great.

Acupuncture: Acupuncture is the art of putting needles in your skin. You can put needles in your body or in your ear. I personally feel that Acupuncture to your ears is one of the best ways to diagnose illnesses or weaknesses with your body...once you discover what is wrong with your body you also can use Acupuncture to heal that problem. By putting a tiny needle in your ear on the liver spot you will heal your liver. The healing happens by way of activating the flow of fresh oxygen rich blood to the liver. But it also activates our body's own natural ability to heal.

Essential Oils: Oils work by either giving off a healing scent, like aromatherapy or by absorbing into the skin. Oils like Lavender oil can be rub on the sides of your forehead(your temples) and it will work both on your powerful scent receptors and by absorption through the skin on one of your bodies reflex points (reflexology) for stress release. If you can't fall asleep at night you should use Lavender Oil and rub it anywhere on your face or neck, enough so you can inhale the healing scent. Fall asleep with it on and you will sleep much more comfortable throughout your entire sleep. The use of Essential oils is a great first step for any one who is just getting into natural healing techniques. They offer so many benefits, way too many to list here, and they are easy to use.

Home Remedies: The name says it all. Anything that is typically found around a home that can be used to heal is considered a home remedy. The use of crushed up Garlic as a means to kill off infections is a great home remedy. Any cuts or wounds on your skin that seem like they are getting infected should be rubbed with crushed up garlic. Leave it on for no more than 10 minutes at a time...but do on and off until the infection is gone. HOW do you know if your cut or wound is getting infected? Usually when you get cut you bleed until it coagulates while drying over with that golden looking goo. While your body heals it should always remain red looking until the new layer of skin has returned fully. Larger cuts or wounds sometimes are prone to getting infected. For the most part the infections are never big, but if left unattended there is a chance that the infection could be dangerous...BUT don't worry...now you know about garlic. There are once again too many ways to use home remedies to list here.

Homeopathic Medicine: Homeopathic medicine is amazing. By dissolving a few tiny tablets or pills in your mouth you can absorb healing properties. Belladonna is a homeopathic medicine and it is great to use if you have a fever. It will help reduce the symptoms and help speed recovery. Homeopathy is very easy to learn about and very easy to use. They are like carrying around tic-tacs or something... just pop the recommend dosage and your good. Definitely start learning about homeopathic medicine. Tons of info can be found on the internet or just go into a health found store, find the section for homeopathic medicine and start reading the labels. ALL homeopathic medicine labels tell you what they are for and how many to take. The use very general terms so you will easily find the right one for your needs.

Iridology: AHHH, the study of the Iris. In case you don't remember what your iris is, it is the colored part of your eye, the part the surrounds your pupil(the black dot in the center). By studying your iris you can see the current and future state of your body. Certain parts on the iris relate to areas of your body and organs. Interesting story about the beginning of Iridology, a boy was playing with a bird and accidentally broke one of the birds leg. Since he was practically eye to eye with the bird when it happened he notice a tiny line formed on the birds iris as the break to the leg occurred. He grew up to become the founder of Iridology.